Can termites come up in interior walls of my home?
December 6, 2017
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December 20, 2017
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Will termite treatments kill termites that are already in my house?

Although termite treatments are designed to be preventative treatments, they will kill termites that are already active in your home.

Our termite treatments consist of an underground liquid barrier around the outside of the home, as well as bait stations. Termites that are in your home are there to gather food, at which point their job is to take it back to the colony, and feed all of the other termites. As they travel back and forth, the termites unknowingly cross through the liquid barrier, picking up traces of the product on their bodies. They then go back to the colonies, and inadvertently spread the poison to other members of their colony. Over a period of time, the product will make its way around the colony, killing the members, as well as the queens.

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