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Proactive Pest Control offers a multitude of services in Dacula Ga. Need a specific pest, termite, or lawn service that you don’t see listed? Ask us! Chances are that we offer what you need.

Dacula is a city located near the heart of Gwinnett, and in the heart of our service area. Many of our clients reside in the beautiful, and sought-after areas of Apalachee Farms, and Hamilton Mill. Dacula is said to contain some of the oldest buildings in Metro Atlanta, adding to its rich history.

Why do your Dacula neighbors choose Proactive Pest Control?

  • We are a local company, as opposed to some of the large outfits that service the Dacula area. Some of these companies are national, or even international companies, being headquartered in other parts of the country. We know the Dacula area well, and are better able to serve your needs.
  • A good portion of the money earned by our business is spent and pumped right back into other Dacula area businesses. We are a small business, and love supporting other small, local businesses.
  • Being that Proactive Pest Control is locally family-owned and operated, there’s a good chance that our families have gone to the same church, our kids have attended the schools, our kids have played with your kids at some of our amazing, local parks, or that our kids have been on the same sports teams. We have friends, co-workers, and family living in Dacula, and like to treat all our customers as such.

Termite Control in Dacula

Have some pest control or termite treatment needs? We would love to earn your business! Please let our team of professionals help you. Don’t spend your valuable time dealing with things that we can handle for you. If you're in Athens or any of the surrounding areas, give Proactive Pest Control a call at 770-800-PEST or 770-800-7378. Don't find bugs attractive? Get Proactive! Don't find weeds attractive? Get Proactive Pest Control In Dacula. Call Proactive!

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Dacula's Pest Control Service Area

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