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Proactive Pest Control is a full-service pest and lawn company based in Winder, Ga. We offer comprehensive, guaranteed pest and lawn management in Winder, and all surrounding areas.

Winder was established in 1893. Winder has been around for a while, but not nearly as long as the bugs, termites, and weeds that inhabit our area. With over 1 million species of bugs, and countless types of weeds, Proactive Pest Control is dedicated to providing prompt, professional service to our Winder neighbors, and all surrounding areas.

Winder is small town, with a small-town feel... which is why we love being a part of, and servicing Winder. We are a small, family-owned and operated business, that is known for our good old-fashioned service. Customer service is our utmost priority.

Termite Control in Winder

Have some pest control or termite treatment needs? We would love to earn your business! Please let our team of professionals help you. Don’t spend your valuable time dealing with things that we can handle for you. If you're in Athens or any of the surrounding areas, give Proactive Pest Control a call at 770-800-PEST or 770-800-7378. Don't find bugs attractive? Get Proactive! Don't find weeds attractive? Get Proactive Pest Control In Winder. Call Proactive!

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Don't Let the Pests Get the Best of You in Winder, Georgia

Pest Control You Can Trust in Winder, Georgia and its Neighbors

When you need pest control in Winder you can count on, Proactive Pest Control is only a phone call away.

Eliminate Pest Problems at Your Home or Business

Insects are unavoidable pests when you walk outside your door. That doesn't mean you should let them move into your home or business in Winder, Georgia. You need to bring in the experts at Proactive Pest Control when those pesky invaders are causing trouble for you. Pest control in Winder can cover treatment plans for termites, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, fire ants, and more. If a pest is bugging you, it's time to call in the professionals at Proactive Pest Control.

Let the Professionals Take on Your Pest Control Problem

Pest control in Winder is not a do-it-yourself job. Commercial products may kill insects, but they won't keep them from coming back. You also put yourself at risk when you spray toxic products in your environment. You need pest control professionals to identify the problem, use a treatment plan that is safe, and keep your pests from returning to your residence or business.

Pests Can be a Major Hassle

The list of pests that can give you trouble in Winder, Georgia is long. Some may be a nuisance, such as centipedes or ants. Some can quickly get out of control, such as a cockroach infestation. Others can put your health at risk, such as mosquitoes, fleas, bees, spiders, scorpions, or wasps. You want peace of mind when you are at home or at your business. You shouldn't have to worry about an invasion of insects. Proactive Pest Control is here to help.

Choose a Pest Control Plan that Works for You

Proactive Pest Control wants to put your mind at ease when you want to stay on top of pest control. They have a variety of plans that can offer you the level of protection that is best for your home or business. They will begin by performing a complete assessment of the perimeter of your property, around your building, and inside. Once they have identified the type and level of pest infestation, they'll perform a safe, effective treatment.

Your treatment will be comprehensive, addressing the interior of your building and outside your home or business. At that point, you'll have regular treatments performed outside to keep the insect population from intruding in your home.

Consistent Pest Control in Winder, Georgia is Key

Pest control isn't a one-shot deal. You'll need regular treatments to ensure insects are not giving you any more trouble. Proactive Pest Control can visit your home or business every three months, on a bi-monthly basis, or once a month. It's up to you to choose the pest control plan that suits your situation.

Make your home or business more comfortable when you get rid of those bothersome pests.

Contact the knowledgeable team at Proactive Pest Control today to learn more about available treatment plans.

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