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10 Ways Your Home is Attractive to Pests

Is your home too cozy and are you attracting pests to share your space with you? Want to know the ten ways you are making your home attractive and enticing pests to come inside?

1. Moisture

Make sure you take care of leaks as quickly as possible so you don’t provide water for a variety of pests. Cockroaches and rats are especially attracted to damp areas. Termites eat wood that’s been damaged by moisture.

2. Dirty dishes

Not many people LOVE doing dirty dishes so we leave them in the sink. Unfortunately, when we do that, we leave food for insects and other critters. Make sure you keep the sink empty and clean.

3. Dirty kitchen

After meals, wipe down the counters, appliances, and surfaces. Put away open foods especially the ones that are sticky or sweet.

4. Drains

Pests can take up residence in your drains and pipes. This damp environment can act as the perfect breeding grounds. To keep pests away, inspect and clean out the gunk in your sink, tub, basement, and laundry room drains.

5. Recyclables

Recyclables can easily attract pests. It is important to not store these close to your home. Rinse out your recyclables and put a tight lid on top of the bin.

6. Trash

Trash that is sitting around can attract pests. Get rid of it.

 7. Clutter

Spiders, rodents and cockroaches live in dark, cluttered spaces like boxes lying around. Get rid of clutter and storing what you want to keep in well-sealed plastic boxes or bags.

8. Cracks and holes

Tiny cracks and gaps around your home can give pests an open door to get inside. Seal up gaps under doors, holes where wires and pipes come through, and cracks in your baseboards.

9. Window screens

Damaged window screens are a great entry point for pests. Inspect your screens and repair any tears or gaps regularly to prevent pests from coming in.

10. Trees & shrubs

If tree branches and shrubs are too close to your home, insects can use them as a bridge to enter your home. Mulch too close to the house can give termites a moist ground cover for tunneling. Trim plants back away from your home and use stone or rocks in place of mulch.

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