Our Pest Control & Termite Treatment FAQ's

Pest FAQ's

1How often should I have my home treated?
Most of our customers have their homes treated on a quarterly basis, which is every three months. A majority of the professional products on the market last about three months, so applying them at three-month intervals is frequent enough to maintain a preventative barrier around the home. It’s a proactive approach, rather than treating less frequently, and being reactive.
2Do I need to treat the inside of my home?
Do I need to treat the inside of my home? A: We generally recommend that our customers let us treat both, the inside, as well as the outside of their home, on our initial visit. Treating both areas allows us to do a good clean out of insects that may already be established, and helps us establish a protective barrier. On subsequent visits, we recommend outside only treatments, unless there is a specific need or problem on the inside of the home. A majority of insects come in from the surrounding outside perimeter, so maintaining a good, solid outside treatment should keep problems controlled. We do not believe in putting unneeded, unnecessary chemicals inside of our customers’ homes.
3Do the products smell?
There are LOTS of different chemicals on the market. Most of the products that we use on a day to day basis are colorless, and odorless.
4What kinds of products do you use?
We used a wide variety of products. The products, and types of products that we use are determined by factors such as the type of target pest, the location being treated, the time of year, and current and upcoming weather conditions. We use a combination of liquids, dusts, granular insecticides, granular baits, gel baits, etc.

Termite FAQ's

1How do I know if I have termites?
With termites, you don’t want to take any chances! The best thing to do is have a professional termite company perform an inspection for you.
2I found something that might be a flying termite. How can I determine if it’s a flying ant, or a flying termite?
Check out the picture on our termite page for a side-by-side comparison of the two. Termite Control page
3When do termites swarm?
In our area, termites usually have their first swarm around the start of March. There is usually another main swarm in the summer months.
4Do termites eat wood?
Termites don’t actually eat wood, but rather the cellulose, which is a component of the wood. Cellulose is a component of sheetrock as well, which means that sheetrock isn’t safe either.
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