Termite Control

Georgia is considered a termite "hot zone" with higher infestation levels than most other areas in the U.S. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not consider termite protection on their homes prior to experiencing an infestation. A termite protection policy is just as important as your homeowner's policy. In fact, most homeowner's policies DO NOT include coverage for damage caused by termite activity.


At Proactive Pest Control, we know what a huge and important investment your home or business is. We stay on the cutting-edge of our industry through constant research and testing of products and techniques ensuring our customers get the best results. That's why we recommend protecting your home or business with a liquid / bait combination treatment. This type of treatment gives your home or business the maximum amount of protection available. Most of the homes or businesses that we treat qualify for our retreat and damage repair warranties, which are also 100% transferable.

We understand that termite and pest problems must be approached on an individual basis, which is why a trained Proactive professional will first thoroughly inspect your home or business. Conditions such as water damage, overgrown shrubs, trees, and exposed wood may contribute to termite infestation. During our inspection, likely attractants and pathways are identified so we can develop a strategy with you to avoid future problems.

Regular inspections are critical in the battle against termites and other pests. This will ensure that your home or business will never face another costly and potentially dangerous termite problem in the future. If you suspect that you have termites, we urge you to contact us immediately.

For clues to help distinguish termites from ants, examine the insects' wings, waist, and antennae. While both insects have two pairs of wings, termite wings are relatively equal in size. Ant wings tend to be longer in front and shorter in back. Ants have a narrow, pinched waist, with three separate body parts. Termites' waists are thicker and less distinct. In addition, ant's antennae are elbowed, while termites' are straight.


We also offer termite clearance letters (Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report), new construction treatments (pre-treats), fungus treatments, and more. Please contact us for a complete list of our services.


Evidence of termites might include the following:

  • Small holes in wood
  • Crumbling drywall or indentations in drywall; the termites have eaten the paper off the drywall
  • Sagging doors and floors
  • Mud tubes in any location that are in contact with the ground
  • Shed wings

Ways to reduce the conditions that harbor and attract termites:

  • Remove leaf clutter near structure and in gutters
  • Remove earth-wood contact
  • Re-direct sprinklers away from the structure
  • Keep mulch away from structure
  • Do not stack wood next to structure
  • Remove infested stumps and trees
  • Reduce moisture content in crawlspaces
  • Repair all leaks in structure inside and out
  • Make sure water is graded away from structure (including air conditioners)
  • Install moisture barriers over 80 to 90% of crawl space
  • Make sure all stucco and form boards are at least 4 inches from ground
  • Seek professional assistance through a company with a superior time-tested reputation providing excellent initial service using the best materials and ongoing renewal service by highly trained technicians
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