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How Often Should You Treat a House for Termites?

treat a house for termites

Termites cause upwards of $2 billion in damages every year to homes across America.

If you’ve dealt with them before you understand the headache it is to get rid of them and repair the damage they cause. But, once the termites are gone, how often do you treat a house for termites in the future?

The pros here at Proactive Pest know all about termites. We know how to take care of current infestations and prevent future invasions.

How often should you treat a house for termites? Here we answer that question.

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are small insects that look a lot like ants with wings. The main difference is termites have two sections to their bodies while flying ants have three.

If you find any bugs that you suspect could be termites the best idea is to call in a professional to take a look. Keep a vigilant eye in spring and summer because the first swarm of the year is in early March and the main swarm is in June or July.

While everyone thinks termites each wood that’s actually a fallacy. They eat a component of wood known as cellulose. This component is also found in sheetrock which means not only wood dwellings are at risk.

Maintenance For a Home With Previous Termite Infestation History

If your home has ever had a termite infestation, even 10 or 20 years ago, you’ll want to make sure to be proactive about your inspection and treatment schedule.

You need to be getting inspections done on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to re-treat even if there is no current sign of infestation simply to make sure you never end up infested again.

If your home was previously fumigated re-treatment is especially important because it doesn’t help prevent future termites from taking hold on the property.

Make sure you stay in contact with us here at Proactive Pest Control so we can make sure you have a plan in place for maintaining the termite-free status of your home.

Is There Anything I Can Do Between Treatments to Make Another Infestation Less Likely?

Remaining vigilant and staying on top of the maintenance of your property is key in avoiding future termite problems.

Here are some great ways you can help keep termites away from your home while you’re in-between treatments:

  • Get rid of any standing water around the home
  • Keep a close eye on any wood foundation that is in contact with the soil
  • Keep firewood and other lumber away from your home and stored above the ground
  • Do regular checks of any wooden structures around your home for signs of damage
  • Promptly remove dead and decaying trees and branches from around your property as soon as you find them

Stay Vigilant in the Search for Potential Termites Around Your Property

When you are doing your property checks this is a good list of things to look for that can indicate the presence of termites:

  • Small holes in the wood around your home
  • Damaged or crumbling drywall
  • Sagging of doors or flooring
  • Wings that look to have been shed
  • Mud tubes

If you notice any of these signs contact your pest control team right away to come to take a look. If you catch it early there will be less damage to deal with and it will be easier to contain the infestation.

Let The Team at Proactive Pest Control Prevent Your Termites

Proactive Pest Control specializes in termite control. We do our best to treat your home to mitigate the damage and set you up with a maintenance plan to prevent future infestations.

We use a combination approach to termite control with liquid and bait treatments. We protect the interior and the entire perimeter of the property against current and future termites.

Contact us today for your free termite estimate.

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