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In Georgia, house pests and insects are to be expected, but they don’t have to be expected in YOUR home or business. We offer complete pest control treatment plans for all sorts of insects including termitesmosquitosfire ants, and flea and tick issues.

Why You Need a Pest Control Plan For Your Home and Property

Bugs and insects are more than an annoyance. They can be very detrimental to your health, the health of your kids, and the overall wellbeing of everyone in the home.


Roaches are very common in Georgia. We have several different types…some even having the ability to fly! Roaches thrive in warm, moist environments, which is why they are such a huge problem in our area. They can reproduce rapidly, making them difficult to bring under control if not taken care of soon enough. Roaches are known to spread many diseases through food and water, and can cause respiratory issues…mainly with the young and elderly.

Our trained pest control technicians can help to identify the source, to bring your infestation under control, and to help prevent future infestations through preventative measures.


We have lots of different species of ants in our area, all having very different habits. Some ants will live on the ground outside of your home, some will live on the roofline and in the gutters, while some species of ants can establish colonies within the walls of your home. Our trained pest control technicians work hard to eliminate ants at their source.


Anyone living in the south is likely very familiar with mosquitos. Whether you’re playing in the yard, grilling out, or having an outside event such as a reunion or wedding, mosquitos can definitely be a major nuisance.

Although mosquito bites are normally just a mild irritation, mosquitos are known to spread many diseases, some of which can be severe to deadly.

Our customers often thank us for taking back their yard, and for allowing their family to resume a normal life outside.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can be very hard to see, but rest assured, they are there. Ticks can cause serious health issues with both humans and pets.

We offer treatments for both inside and outside, helping to keep your property flea and tick free. We offer one-time treatments, as well as regularly scheduled preventative treatments.

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Our Pest Control Treatment Plans Controls Pests Including:

Did you know?

  • Do you or your kids have asthma? Proteins from the cockroaches' saliva, droppings, and shed insect body parts can trigger asthma symptoms.
  • Cockroaches are capable of transmitting organisms which cause diseases such as food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea.
  • A female roach and her offspring can produce up to 30,000 roaches in 1 year.
  • There are more insects in one square mile of rural land than there are human beings on the entire earth.
  • There are approximately 1 million known species of insects in the world.
  • Each year, insects eat 1/3 of the Earth's food crop.
  • A flea can leap 800 times farther than its body length. It can jump 130 times its own height.
  • An ant can lift 50 times its own weight. A honey bee can lift 300 times its own weight.

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