The #1 Flea & Tick Control in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Flea and Tick Control is Essential to Keep Your Yard and Property Safe for Your Pets

Fleas and ticks are bad news for your pets and even the humans in your home. They carry nasty diseases like lyme disease and even were carriers of the bubonic plague.

Keeping these pests at bay can mean better health for everyone in your home, tons of money saved on vet bills and treatments, and happier times spent outside had by all.

How to Prevent Flea Infestation and Control Ticks on Your Property

The best way to limit flea and tick infestation in Gwinnett County is to have a plan in place for prevention before they ever get there. Before the heightened flea and tick season make sure you have a Proactive plan in place to limit the exposure.

Also, do the following to reduce exposure personally to these pests:

  • Heading into dense brush around your property? Going hiking through the woods? Tuck your pants into your shoes and wear long sleeves in dense vegetation and brush.
  • Use an EPA approved insect and tick repellent on any exposed skin
  • Before getting into your car or coming back into your home do a check of your clothes and pets for fleas and ticks. Once inside make sure to check your body once you’ve gotten undressed in case you missed any.

The Risk to Pets and Why Fleas Are So Difficult to Control

In addition to the risks we have talked about, pets who become infested with fleas or get bitten by ticks are susceptible to a huge amount of health issues.

Fleas cause pets to develop issues such as anemia, tapeworms, heartworm, skin disease and allergic reactions, and other skin disorders due to excessive scratching.

Fleas are master acrobats and can jump almost a foot off the ground and, if moving side to side can jump almost a foot and a half! A single female flea lays an average of 18 eggs every day and can lay up to 2000 in her lifetime. Unlike mosquitoes, fleas can reproduce and thrive year round and easily live indoors as well.

Do you think you have a flea problem? Have you noticed ticks on your pets or yourself?

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