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What Countries Eat Bugs?

Can you imagine? People actually enjoy eating bugs and some report that certain types are full of protein, healthy nutrients and are tasty.

U.S. News & World Report reports that numerous countries eat bugs. Here are some of the countries and the type of insects they snack on:


Many Thais love snacking on grasshoppers, crickets and woodworms.

The bugs are seasoned and fried in a wok until crispy, then served to passers-by at local food markets. Ant eggs, like the ones shown here, are also popular.


During the springtime, when food is scarce, Ghanaians rely on termites as their main source of protein. The insects can be roasted, fried or even used to make bread. Termites are best known for creating these elaborate homes (and destroying ours).


In Mexico, bugs are eaten in a variety of ways: fried, buttered or even dipped in chocolate. But perhaps the most renowned method is to drink them. Mezcal, a Mexican liquor (sometimes confused with tequila), is often served with a worm ready for swallowing.


In China, roasted larvae from insects like bees are a delicacy served in high-end restaurants. But on the street, you’ll find fully grown insects like these water bugs roasted or fried and then skewered to make them easy to eat on the go.


Queen ants, or içás, were traditionally consumed only by poorer families. Today, these bite-sized morsels are a popular snack in the town of Silveiras in southwest Brazil. Townsfolk claim that these winged bugs taste just like mint.


Insects like the honey-pot ant have been consumed by Australia’s Aboriginal tribes for centuries. These bugs ingest food and store it in their bodies, making them an excellent source of essential nutrients for bug-eating humans.


Bugs are crawling on to menus all across Japan. Some favorites include inago (fried grasshopper), sangi (fried silk moth pupae) and Zaza-mushi (a type of larvae).

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is slowly embracing the idea of eating insects. Johan Van Dongen (head of the meat department for the Dutch food distributor, Sligro) is helping to encourage the Dutch to rely on insects (like crickets) as a source of protein by offering a free taste from a stand on the sidewalk in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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