Fire Ant Management and Treatment Control in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Fire Ants Are No Joke! Are You and Your Family At Risk? Fire Ant Management in Gwinnett County is Crucial During Warm Seasons

Fire ants and Georgia are like sugar and tea. The two just come together. But, these annoying little pests can be more dangerous than we think. Fire ants need to be eliminated in your yard for your and your families health and safety. These little sandy mounds appearing in your yard harbor insects that have the kind of bite that, if stung enough, can make you really sick or even potentially lead to death.

These little red and black ants will create mounds and infest your entire yard. The problem isn’t with one ant bite. The issue is when you step into a mound the entire colony attacks. Each ant can bite multiple times. So, if you’re attacked by a lot of them you can risk a severe allergic reaction, extreme injury, or even death from the extreme exposure. If anyone in your family has a history of heightened allergic reactions to insects like bee or wasp stings it’s especially important to get rid of the fire ants in your Gwinnett County yard.

The Life Cycle of a Fire Ant

You’ll only see fire ants in the spring and early summer months because this is their mating season. Winged males and females fly out from existing colonies elsewhere and mate while in flight. After mating, the females can travel up to 12 miles away from their original nest and each female is capable of laying over 1,500 eggs per day. But, since the males die after mating, this burst of new fire ants being born is what causes the influx of ant piles everywhere. The females lose their wings once the mating is complete and they’ve found a good nesting spot where they can build their new colony.

Fire Ant Treatment and Fire Ant Extermination in Gwinnett County

If not kept in check, fire ant colonies can quickly expand out of control throughout your yard. This puts adults, children, and even your pets at risk from severe attacks. How to get rid of fire ants? Trust the professionals at Proactive Pest Control to take drastic actions to manage the fire ant populations on your property. While fire ants cannot be completely erradicated, our fire ant treatment will greatly lessen their numbers and reduce your risk of exposure.

Proactive uses the best products available to fight against the invasion of fire ants and our treatments can protect your home for quite some time. The treatments are formulated with colony destruction in mind so you may see a reduction for up to a full year once the treatment is implemented.

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