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Formosan Termites are the Super Termites

Formosan termites have been called the “super termite” because they are more aggressive and destructive than their relatives. Formosan termites are reported to be responsible for nearly $2 billion a year in property damage.

What are Formosan termites?

Formosan termites are one of the subterranean species. They have three distinct castes:

  • Alates (reproductive)
  • Soldiers
  • Workers

Super termites are known as the most aggressive and voracious of the  2,000 termite species studied in science. They chew through flooring, wood, and wallpaper without being detected.


These are the features of Formosan termites:

  • Long, narrow and oval shape
  • Creamy white to brown color
  • ½ inch in length
  • Six legs
  • Antennae

With so many subterranean termite species, it takes a licensed pest control professional to accurately identify which termite group is taking up residence on your property. The average person confuses the flying ant with a Formosan termite swarmer.

Signs of Infestation

With Formosan termites, there are a few red flags to look for or if you find. The first sign that an area is infested with Formosans is the presence of swarmers or winged reproductives. Swarmers are often attracted to lights, so homeowners should keep an eye out for them (and their discarded wings) near windowsills, doors, lights, and vents.

Damaged wood that sounds hollow when tapped is another sign of a Formosan termite infestation. Look for the wood to have been eaten away along the grain pattern.

Both the spring growth and the summer growth wood is attractive to Formosan termites for food. While the termites are searching for food and moisture, they have been known to eat through non-cellulose material, such as thin sheets of soft metal (lead or copper), asphalt, plaster, creosote, rubber, and plastic.


Formosan termites are extremely difficult to control if they have infested a structure or property. They can cause extreme structural damage to your dwelling in about six months of occupying your property.

They also infest living trees and shrubs, landscape timbers, wooden railroad trusses, utility poles, and boats. These termites can chew through the insulation of telephone and electric cable.

Maintenance Plan

With the threat of termites that can destroy your home or cost thousands of dollars from damage, you may want to consider a regular maintenance plan to take the guesswork out of do you have termites or not? You can prevent termites from ever touching your property, home or business.

Contact a local pest control professional if you suspect a termite infestation.

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